Using the Product

Ag Plastics

We accept used irrigation tape and tubing and cover, fumigation, greenhouse and hoophouse films.
Carrying Capacity

Silage Plastics

We accept used bale wrap, ag/grain bags, most bunker covers and oxygen barrier film.
Assembled in America

Other Material

We do not accept bunker cover with nylon scrim, twine, net wrap or other mixed plastics.

Program Details

Revolution Plastics provides farms and dairies with free, on-farm ag and silage plastic collection. To join the program, enter your information in the form below.

Best Practices for Ag Plastic Collection

  • Include ONLY Low Density Polyethylene (#4)
  • Remove trash, wood, rocks, twine, net wrap, tires, and other foreign materials
  • No need to separate approved ag plastics
  • Bunker covers with scrim are not permissible
  • Dispose of plastic in the provided dumpster as soon as possible to prevent excessive dirt
  • Compact the plastic as much as possible without damaging the dumpster
  • Keep lids closed to prevent moisture
  • Keep container in an easily accessible location

Revolution Plastics is your sustainable recycling solution. Click HERE to download a recycling brochure.

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