We See Plastic’s Potential

For over 30 years, we have dared to think differently about plastics. Where others see landfills and plastic waste, we see potential. To us, sustainability is more than a selling point, it’s a philosophy. Through innovative engineering, we developed a method of producing high-quality plastics while maintaining the smallest carbon footprint possible.

The Good Plastics People

We are a family unified by a single, powerful mission: creating better plastics that help preserve our environment. We’re proud of our proven track record of sustainability and continue this eco-friendly legacy through our Core Values: Excellence, Integrity, Discipline, Collaboration, Innovation and Sustainability.

Green Means Growth

Through sustainability, we all flourish. Our collective brands help partners achieve industry leadership and brand recognition through a wide selection of plastic products made out of as much postconsumer material as possible.

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Infinite Impact

We not only make the highest quality plastics, we also collect and recycle them to create a continuous cycle of sustainability. We call this ongoing production and recycling process our “Closed Loop System” and it makes an impact. We recover, clean and process more than 150 million pounds of material each year and, since our founding, we have diverted 1.5 billion pounds of waste material from landfills. That’s pretty revolutionary.